Dear 1Million Meditators Ambassador

Now that you have booked your live meditations please use our global FB event link to invite all your friends who will be happy to join you on the day/time you have selected!

It’s very easy and it takes only 1 minute.
(1) Copy and paste this text in Italics (feel free to edit it so it sounds like you and translate it into your language if you wish)

I AM a proud Ambassador!
I need 7 lightworkers & spiritual activists to say YES and join me on (insert date here) at (insert your time here) to shine LIGHT & LOVE on Gaia.
During this 15 mins meditation it is ur collective intent to: “Love for Ourselves & our Planet!”
Humanity is at the crossroads! I choose to see it as a silver lining!
Will you?

With love & gratitude,
(Your name)

(2) And now click on this link and use the “Share” function of our FB Global Event. Post on your wall and in any pertinent FB groups.

(3) Please do not create a separate event for your own live broadcast as it gets confusing for our audience. We are all ONE and we all have ONE event:
48h of live streamed meditations!

Let us increase the LIGHT frequency and vibrate so much LOVE that we raise Humanity into the new era that has begun to dawn.

As a 1Million Meditator Ambassador you are handing over THE TORCH to the next emissary of Light & Love so please remember to always encourage your audience to join as many meditations as they possibly can!

***In your intro & outro ask everybody to share your meditation repeatedly as by doing so they will contribute to truly lighting up our world, raising it out of the current darkness and into the all loving universal light!

I am immensely grateful that you have chosen to walk this this nobel path with me! Together we are more powerful than we could ever imagine!
Let’s shine our light and re-ignite the world with our love!

Anita Morrow,
Founder, 1Million Meditators